The world’s first compact adaptive optics based visual simulator
  • HD wavefront sensor provides an objective characterization of the eye's optics.

  • OLED micro-display projects a variety of vision tests in one finger touch.

  • Adaptive Optics proprietary technology gives full control of the ocular wavefront.

  • Adaptive Optics to replicate & customize optical designs prior the implementation as personalized solutions for vision

AOneye is the world’s first compact adaptive optics based visual simulator which allows the patient to experience personalized optical solutions before implementation. A high resolution wavefront sensor provides an initial characterization of the eye’s optics. Subjective refinement is possible using a variety of vision tests projected on full color display. Proprietary AO technology gives full control over the ocular wavefront. Standard optical solutions for vision can be evaluated and personalized solutions can be explored.

Technology - Adaptive Optics on Eye

Adaptive Optics (AO) Technology originated in Astronomy. AO works by measuring the optical aberrations in a wavefront and compensating for them before reaching the detector. AO technology has been used to compensate the incoming wavefront collected by the most advanced astronomical telescopes on earth to improve the images collected from the farthest objects in the universe.
In the eye, the same technology has been developed to replicate advanced optical solutions on the light before reaching the retina. By using an advanced wavefront generator device, any desired optical design is added to the subject's ocular wavefront.
A portfolio of patents, tens of peer-reviewed articles on top-ranked scientific journals, and over a hundred of communications in international meetings endorse voptica's positioning as the worldwide leader in AO for vision applications.
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Prof. Pablo Artal

Co-founder & Chairman

Guillermo Perez, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

Rosa M. Miras

Chief Financial Officer

Lola Parra

Software Engineer

Luis Gómez de Zamora

Industrial Engineer

Lucía Hervella

Optometrist - Clinical Specialist

Luis Blanco

Software Engineer


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Josua Fernandez, PhD

Adaptive Optics Specialist . Laboratorio de Optica de la Universidad de Murcia (LOUM)

Pedro Prieto, PhD

Adaptive Optics Specialist . Laboratorio de Optica de la Universidad de Murcia (LOUM)

Eloy Villegas, PhD

Clinical Specialist. Laboratorio de Optica de la Universidad de Murcia (LOUM)


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